Creating Linkages Between Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists Using the Internet

One important way to spur innovation and business development is by creating linkages between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Such linkages, between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, can (among other ways) be created using the Internet.

The way to go about creating the linkages between the entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists using the Internet is actually very simple. It usually boils down to setting up a website, where the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists can get to interact. The interaction has to be structured though: it can’t, for instance, be simply a question of going to the login page, or to the email login page, and using a system like SBCGlobal email to have the entrepreneurs communicate with the venture capitalists. You have to appreciate that the venture capitalists are often ‘serious’ people: the sorts of folks who cut big-deals through major investment banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Thus, as the person trying to create the linkages, you need to ensure that you only link the venture capitalists with reasonably serious entrepreneurs.

For taking the trouble to create linkages between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists through the Internet, you are likely to end up being rewarded very handsomely. So the whole thing is worth the trouble.