3 Odd Findings About The Earth In 2018

Over the past couple of years, the Earth has undergone some vivid changes. These take account of the breakup and formation of supercontinents, extreme ice ages which almost covered the globe with ice, and the disappearance and appearance of oceans.

However, our planet today looks pretty cultivated. But the world is a forceful planet as well and in fact, there’s much regarding its history as well as ongoing procedures – under the deep surface, in the ocean, and even on land which scientists and researchers are still discerning.

Nevertheless, listed below are some of the findings of the Earth last 2018.

1. Sinking Seafloor

As our planet warms, melting ice sheets and glaciers pour water into the ocean resulting to very high sea levels. Plus, all the additional weight is pushing the sea bottom down. Recently, researchers probed how the molten ice flowing from the land affected the ocean floor’s shape between 1993 and 2014. And they’ve found out that the global ocean sinks molded an average of 0.1 millimeters every year with a total distortion of 2mm over 20 years.

2. Split content

On March 19, 2018, a gaping crater yawn in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya following seismic activity and rains. The crack measured some miles long and 50ft wide, at the same time it signifies shifts which are currently taking place below the surface of the Earth.

Africa, on the other hand, sits on two plates and the tectonic moves driven by the mantle (active) are dragging the plates separately.

3. Deep Biosphere

Scientists have found out numerous and diverse microbial communities existing below the planet’s surface, in a situation known as the deep biosphere over the past years.

Recently, researchers revealed that this environment might be home to unknown species as well as the creatures have been growing there since the planet was still young.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are also other odd findings about the Earth in 2018 including plant sounds and Magma Sea.